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5160 Explorer Dr, Unit #12
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Beginners Qigong (Chi Kung 氣功) Basic Program classes start on:

Thursday September 28th, 2023 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Zoom

We believe in providing a lot of personal attention during the classes. We only teach 6-7 people at a time. The fee for 10 classes is $300.00+Hst. Please register online.

For more information give Irina a call at (905) 271-0695
or e-mail:

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Qigong (or Chi Kung 氣功) Basic/Beginner Program

This class has been designed by Irina for beginners, and is suitable for everyone regardless of age or physical condition (obviously some common sense restrictions may apply).

Qigong (Chi Kung) Basic Program consists of 10 classes, each 75 minutes long, running once a week.

By the end of the series of 10 classes stdents will understand and be able to apply the following exercises to increase their vitality and to promote self-healing:

- Warm-up Exercises

- Lower Abdominal Breathing to relax and accumulate Chi

- Reversed Breathing to energize the whole body within a few minutes of practice

- Kidney's Breathing to recharge your Kidneys/Adrenal Glands

- Six Healing Sound Meditation to clear the negative energy from the Five Yin Organs

- Three Major Chi Kung Postures:

  • Holding the Tree
  • Turtle-Water Buffalo
  • Iron Bridge

The primary goals of this set of ten classes are: 

  • Open the physical body to reconnect to the Life Force Energy (Chi)
  • Learn how to clean organs from any residue (using healing sounds and visualizations)
  • Recharge your organs, glands and bodily energy centers by practicing combinations of breathing exercises, meditation and focused intention.

The positive physical and mental changes are immediately noticeable. Students recall leaving classes feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. Through this class you will activate the self–healing mechanism of your body.

Basic Qigong (Chi Kung) is a set of ten classes taking place once a week. Every class is an hour and fifteen minutes long. The new course starts every second month.
DVDs are available.